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[PODCAST] Mediterranean Migrants Crisis: A Geopolitical Challenge.

Beyond Borders: Addressing the Mediterranean Migrant Crisis

Juan Carlos Giraldo
2 min readJul 15


On April 13 of this year, UN Human Rights Chief Volker Türk expressed alarm at the precarious situation of asylum-seekers and migrants attempting to cross the Central Mediterranean and called for concerted efforts to ensure their swift rescue and dignified, effective, and thorough processing at a safe location. Source: UN Press Release.

While doing my research, I found that the Mediterranean routes are considered among the most dangerous migration routes in the world.

Also, I read an interesting article published in Malta Business Weekly: Borrell’s oversleeping child Irini written by Clint Azzopardi Flores.

Clint Azzopardi Flores is the former Malta Ambassador to the Political and Security Committee of the European Union.

In his article, the author shares his insights and points of view about what is happening in this region and how it affects different countries regionally and geopolitically.

Prime Minister Georgia Meloni stated that Italy must work on breaking smugglers' models and human trafficking routes. ~ Clint Azzopardi Flores

According to the Internet portal, Infomigrants mentioned that since the beginning of 2023, the number of migrants arriving on Italian shores has been increasing steadily every month, from 4,962 in January, to 9,465 in February, 13,263 in March and 14,507 in April.

For this new episode of “The Geopolitical Puzzle,” Clint Azzopardi Flores joined as a guest to discuss the Mediterranean migrant crisis.

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