Brian Solis’s Book “WTF : What’s The Future Of Business” : 20 Highlights

Juan Carlos Giraldo
4 min readJun 2, 2017


In order to be ​relevant in the digital world ​e​very company, organization​ and​​ marketer ​needs to ​have a thorough ​understand​ing of ​ ​what their future​s​ look​ like.

​It is imperative that we are able to lead our ​c​ustomer​s​ ​on this​ ​j​ourney ​throughout the organization process.​

After​ ​re-read​ing​ the book​, Brian Solis “WTF : What’s The Future Of Business”, I ​have a clearer picture of ​the ​​buyer​s​ ​path and of course ​a better ​understand​ing of the role ​of ​the customer and their experiences.

I have made a compilation of 20 highlights​ (in no particular order of importance):

  1. “The Future of Business comes down to relevance and the ability to understand how technology affects decision making and behavior to the point where the recognition of new opportunities an the ability to strategically adapt to them becomes a competitive advantage”.
  2. “Humility is a gift and it’s needed in business now more than ever”
  3. “Just because a business is embracing new technology doesn’t mean that it is creating meaningful, productive, or measurable experiences”.
  4. “Customer — centricity starts with recognizing that customer experiences are owned by the customers”.
  5. “Experiences are the new “relationship” “ .
  6. “As people research, read reviews, tweets, and blog post, ask and answer questions, watch videos, and simply learn from the experiences of others, these moments of the truth require study and definition”.
  7. “The best brands consistently win two moments of the truth. The first moment cocurs at the store shelf, when a consumer decides whether to buy one brand or another. The second occurs at home, when she uses the brands — and is delighted or isn’t”.
  8. “79 percent of consumers say they use a smart phone to help with shopping. In addition, 70 percent of American look at product reviews before making a purchase” .
  9. “You might think that because you have presence on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, that you’re doing what you need to. But you’re not” .
  10. “People are going to talk, so give them something to talk about. That’s the opportunity you have if you focus on creating experiences” .
  11. “Digital influence is expanding beyond the boundaries of digital screens, impacting business decisions onlien and offline”.
  12. “Engagement is as much art as it science. Understanding the behavior of your connected consumer takes practice of the social sciences — from digital anthropology and psychology to sociology and ethnography”.
  13. “Great products and services contribute to loyalty. Great engagement inspires advocacy. Underestimating experiences says everything about how you value customers. You reap what you sow. Shared experiences, whether good or bad, are what you earn or deserve” .
  14. “The power of peer-to-peer influence is perhaps at its greatest potency. Peer-driven word of mouth has always held a powerful relationship between cause and effect”.
  15. “Social media is more about social science than technology”.
  16. “The brands that survive this era of economic disruption will be the ones that are best able to evolve because they recognize the need and opportunity to do so, before their competitors”.
  17. “The primary function of UX is the development of an architecture that creates delightful, emotional, and sensory experience”.
  18. “Disruptive technology is the ongoing innovations that emerge without expectation to introduce a new capability or solution that creates a market and value network at the expense of an existing market and value network”.
  19. “Remember, at the top list of priorities of CEO’s is getting closer to customers”
  20. “Disruption Innovation represent a shift in value”.

I would therefore ​highly recommend this book and ​am eager to start​ Brian’s next book, “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design​”. ​

Thank you ​again ​Brian​. ​​


Brian Solis is a digital analyst, speaker and author. He is a principal analyst studying disruptive technology and its impact on business at Altimeter Group, a research firm acquired by global brand management consultancy Prophet in 2015. Solis publishes annual industry reports that track technology and business trends and offer change management direction to companies. The author of several books discussing digital marketing, evolving business models, customer experience and brand innovation, Solis shares his research and insights as a frequent keynote speaker at technology, business and creativity events ~ Wikipedia

Juan Carlos “JC” Giraldo, is a Small Business Marketing Consultant and Founder of Podcast and Business / USA — LATAM. Boston. USA



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